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Ningbo Aier Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd has recently launched another type of its access door series for the ventilation ducts – Flat Access Door.

What is Flat Access Door?

 Flat Access Doors are designed to provide inexpensive and trouble free access to the rectangular air ducts for ducts cleaning and maintenance. The flat access doors are made out of hot-dipped spangle-free galvanized steel (Dx51D+Z275) with polyurethane as the gasket.

Flat Access DoorAdvantages of Flat Access Door?


  • Our flat access doors are anti-corrosion and rust-proof – zinc coated Z275 (16-22 µm);
  • Our innovative handle design allows our flat access doors to be pushed and pulled instead of managed by twisting a knob when installed on the duct. This makes handling the access doors much easier.
  • Last but not least, the polyurethane gasket on the flat access doors greatly [...]

BIG5 exhibitionThe BIG5 exhibition Dubai
26th-29th November 2018
Dubai World Trade Centre

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