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Ceiling Swirl Diffuser (SW)


  • Item code: SW
  • Swirl diffuser with fixed blades
  • Material: SPCC steel
  • Finish: RAL9010, RAL9016 or RAL9003, as per customer request

Description of the Ceiling Swirl Diffuser

The swirl diffuser is supplied with a square face plate. The face plate is made of SPCC steel and is 1.0mm thick. The surface of a swirl diffuser is powder coated with RAL9010, RAL9016 or RAL9003 according to clients’ requests.

Application of Ceiling Swirl Diffuser

The ceiling swirl diffuser is used for low and medium pressure ventilation systems. It is easy to use and can be installed with a plenum box to provide a uniform air supply and exhaust. The ceiling swirl diffuser swirls the incoming air to mix the indoor air with fresh air. It has adjustable plastic control blades to enable a steady air stream. The ceiling swirl diffuser is mostly installed in climate-controlled areas and ventilated industrial spaces. The swirl diffuser is suitable for flush mounting on ceilings.



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Item code
Face size (mm)
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Sw 600
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