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Ningbo Aier Outdoor Team Building

A strong and professional team is important to a company.

To build the sense of teamwork and lifting team spirits, we organized a outdoor team building in 17th June, 2019.


First day, we began with team competition. We divided into two teams, one team is flying eagles, the other team is chaoyang team.

Two teams participated in a game that finds the meaning behind the picture, flying eagles won the game at the end. Zhaoyang team accepted punishment, they wrapped a circle and pulled next one’s ears and sat deep.

Then all the team member participated in outdoor games. Everyone encouraged each other and everyone had a good time.

In the evening we had a barbecue. After barbecue, we had a bonfire. The whole night was full of joy and laughter.



Second day, we climbed the Mogan mountain. Although it’s not easy, the mountain is steep and the road is hard to walk.

                                    But everyone climbed to the top of mountain after spent three hours and a half.

We especially thanked denis and Shenbo, they carried about twenty bottles water when they climbed the mountain and helped girls who are exhausted to climb.


With two days of getting along, we have built mutual trust, friendship.

We thank everyone for their enthusiastic participation.

With the joint efforts of all person, the outdoor team building activities have been successfully completed!

Through this event we see the hope of our team! Friendship, mutual help, and the concept of responsibility and persistence throughout the entire event.

We hope everyone can bring the acquisition into our work, continue to carry forward and continue this team spirit and create a more brilliant tomorrow!

Looking forward to the next team building.


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