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New product: Maintenance Access Door

To satisfy the steadily growing demand from Scandinavia, Ningbo Aier Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd has developed and launched a new access door ideally for circular ducts: Maintenance Access Door (cleaning door).

Maintanence Access Doors

Maintenance Access Doors

What is Maintenance Access Door?

Maintenance Access Doors are designed to provide inexpensive and trouble-free access to the circular air ducts for ducts cleaning and maintenance. The maintenance access doors are made of spangle-free galvanized steel (Dx51D+Z275), with polyurethane as the gasket.

Advantages of the Maintenance Access Door


  • Made of spangle-free galvanized steel (Z275), with better corrosion resistance;
  • Fast mounting design, saving trouble and time with installation;
  • Integrated polyurethane gasket, giving higher air tightness class.

For more information, please check the Maintenance Access Door product page.

 With the recent development of a new access door model, Ningbo Aier has added one more type of access doors to its portfolio. This now makes a total of 6 different types (Curved access door – CAD, Flat access door – FAD, Rectangular access panel – RDAD, Tabbed access door – TAD, Maintenance access door – MAC, FAC).

Please visit our Access Door page for detailed information.


Access Door Category

Access Door Category


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