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Happy training,productive learning

Aier internal training to the sales team

On the sunny Tuesday, we had one more internal training to the sales team;

With the guide of our technical and sales directors who have more than 10-year working experience in the HVAC industry, the sales team learnt more about our equipments and production process.


Each time, no matter our new or old customers, they are all very impresson on our workshops,our production capability.

Nowadays, our mainly business is devided into two parts: ventilation accessories and custom metal stamping parts.

002 metal_fabrication_factory

For the ventilation items, we have 6 different categories,which include:

  • Suspension & Fixing Accessories: Ventilation pipe clamps, duct suspension clamps, duct holders, pied support terrasse.
  • Air Distribution: Metal disc air valves (exhaust and supply), plastic air valves, aluminum grills.
  • Duct Access Doors: Curved access doors and flat access doors, tabbed access doors.
  • Iris Dampers: Iris type volume control damper.
  • Damper Regulators: damper regulator sets, Nylon quadrant.
  • Corner Ranges: TDC TDF cornermatic corners, flange corners, flange G clamp


If you are in need of customized stamping parts,then just send us our drawing or samples;

Our R&D department will evaluate your drawings and samples,then quote you our best price for the tools(in our in-house tooling workshop) and products.

Welcome to visit our factory!


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