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Full mobilization meeting

  • We, Ningbo Aier Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd, held staff mobilization meeting on 26th May 2019.


  • All Aier staff attended the meeting. Nearly three hundreds people gather together in the meeting hall.
  • Opening speaker is our General Manager Mr. Jake Lu. He do express his much thanks for all staff attendance , also for all diligent effort they’ve made and hope they will have a happy and satisfied life.
  • Main speaker is our production department manager Mr.Yang Feng, who is in charge of factory daily performance and all production affairs. Mr.Yang is new to Aier, while he’d been worked at this field for years and abundant experience in production management, with his join, Aier has become a stronger team.


  • He gave a speech of how to be more professional and efficiency at work.


  • Firstly, good self-control ability, know what things should do, what things should not do and control it.


  • Secondly, self-improvement by learning more about work skills and Aier will also gradually provide more and more training to help them getting better.


  • Thirdly, should unite together, help and support each other


  • Fourthly, put priority to whole company’s benefit. Only when the company get better and everyone can enjoy more benefit.


  • Ending speaker is Mrs. Liddy Lin, she is in charge of whole sales and business development affairs. She has been on this line for about thirty years. Before she join in Aier, she worked for a international company as Chinese district manager. On behalf of the sales team and logistic team, she do express her much respect and appreciate for all the staff, for their concentration on quality products to assure what we sell and are applied into ventilation duct system win good reputation among our clients. She do address that everyone is certainly with one patriotic heart, which lead us to have strong willing to assure high quality products to our overseas clients.


  • After this meeting, all staff get together to join dinner.


  • It’s assured that we Aier team will get stronger and stronger, and would not ever let our clients down.
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