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Die Cast Aluminium Louver Outdoor Testing

Casting Aluminium External Louver - CAEL
We do a outdoor test from 25th of Dec., 2017 to 9th of Mar., 2018.
For the CAEL casting louver, our major difference from the others in the market is the finish, in order to prevent it getting rusty or oxidation, we have put on an extra powder coating on its surface which makes it being of higher quality and nicer finish, below is our test report.
Outdoor Test Record
DATE Natural finish NOTE RAL9006 powder coating NOTE Weather condition
2017/12/25 1-1 dry & clean 1-2 dry & clean Sunny
2018/1/2 2-1 wet, started getting dirty / dusty 2-2 wet, but cleaner after rain washing Rainy
2018/1/9 3-1 dry, more dirty / dusty 3-2 dry & still clean, no change Sunny
2018/1/15 4-1 oxidation 4-2 dry & still clean, no change sunny
2018/1/23 5-1 oxidation 5-2 No change cloudy
2018/1/30 6-1 oxidation 6-2 No change sunny, after snow
2018/2/25 7-1 start getting black spots, white rust 7-2 No change Rainy
2018/3/9 8-1 black spots & white rust 8-2 No change sunny


Our casting type aluminium external louver specification:

-Item code: CAEL

-Casting type aluminum external louver for air supply and exhaust

– Material: aluminum – Finish: natural aluminium finish or painted with RAL9006 (better corrosion resistance)

– Supplied with insect mesh (small hole) or bird mesh (big hole), as per customer request


bird meshinsect mesh

                           Bird mesh                                                          Insect mesh


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