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A Story About the Casting Aluminum External Louvre

How Our Casting Aluminum External Louvre Achieved High Quality


How to compete with other suppliers on the market? Answer: differentiation!

Are low prices the most important advantages? Not really.

Differentiation allows us to provide our customers with a superior value at affordable prices, thus creating a win-win situation that can boost the overall profitability and viability of your business.

Take Our Casting Aluminum External Louvre as an example.



A Story About the Casting Aluminum External Louvre


Some time ago, a potential customer was inquiring about our casting aluminum external louvre. He has acquired several offers from other suppliers too, but in the end opted out for a lower priced solution with another supplier. The very same customer came back a few months later and told us that the supplier he had chosen before provided bad quality. Coincidentally, we have decided to do a little research of the market’s supply at that time. Testing and examining several casting aluminum external louvres made [...]

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At Ningbo Aier Ventilation Equipment, we continuously work on developing and providing more comprehensive services to our customers in order to fully meet every need they might have. In such spirit, we have also developed plastic air valves and stainless steel air valves to satisfy customers’ diversified specifications.


What are Plastic /Stainless Steel Exhaust and Supply Air Valves?Pic 1

Both Plastic Air Valves (PAV) and Stainless Steel Valves (SSAV) have the same functions as the metal ones. They are designed to offer simple but effective means of providing air supply and air extract for most commercial, industrial and domestic ventilation applications. The only differences in contrast to metal valves are materials used and their construction. The plastic air valves and the stainless steel air valves can be used for both air supply and air exhaust (2 in [...]

What Are The Exhaust And Supply Air Valves?

Air valves are designed to offer simple but effective means of providing air supply and extract capabilities for most commercial, industrial and domestic ventilation applications. They are typically installed in hotels, houses, apartments, halls of residence and hospitals and are being used to handle air volumes in small confined and closed up indoor spaces such as toilets, washrooms, utility rooms, or any other small rooms.



What Are The Metal Exhaust and Supply Air Valves Made Of?
  • The body of an exhaust air valve is made of SPCC steel with thickness of 0.6mm or 0.8mm upon request.
  • The mounting ring of an exhaust air valve is made of DX53D+Z80 hot dipped galvanized steel (plated zinc thickness 6-8mm)
  • The exhaust air valve body has a gasket made of circular [...]
Jhystamping factory 8 - HVAC Accessories - Custom Metal Stamping Parts Manufacturing

Durable high quality products wouldn’t be possible without the appropriate modern manufacturing facilities in place. Here at Yuyao Jingqiao Hardware Factory (also as Ningbo Aier Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd) we possess all the necessary infrastructure and state of the art machinery & equipment to plan, design, manage and produce some of the best products in the HVAC industry today. From iris dampers, metal disc air valves, ventilation pipe clamps and duct suspension clamps, to duct access doors, tabbed access doors, damper regulators and more, our HVAC accessories & custom metal stamping parts couldn’t be in better hands when it comes to making them.

Our production facilities are formally divided into 7 general sections of the factory. These are:


  • Hydraulic Press Production Line,
  • Progressive Die Pressing Production Line,
  • Robot Arm Transfer Production Line,
  • Laser Cutting Production Line,
  • Robot Welders,
  • Fully Automatic Powder Coating Line,
  • In-house Tooling Workshop,
  • Assembling Lines, and
  • Warehouse.


Factory expansion

We are delighted to announce that we are expanding our production facilities. As a Chinese leading manufacturer of HVAC Accessories & Custom Metal Stamping Parts, Yuyao Jingqiao Hardware Factory (also known as Ningbo AIER Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd) has invested several millions of euro into a new site in order to increase its production capacities. The new addition to our already existing manufacturing facilities will be located in the same industrial park. It will increase the total manufacturing space of our factory to 25,000 Square meters. The new building will hopefully be finished by the end of this year.

Factory expansion

Metal Stamping Parts
Yuyao Jingqiao Hardware Factory was established in 1997 and began its business by offering Made-to-Order services to customers with their own specific samples or drawings. To meet our customers’ diversified [...]

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