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Ningbo Aier participated at the CHINA REFRIGERATION EXHIBITION 2019 show, which is one of the world’s professional refrigeration and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) trade fair. The show was held from 9 till 11 April 2019 and was attended by many HVAC professionals and other visitors.

CR exhibitionDuring the exhibition, Aier successfully displayed its HVAC products such as pipe clamps, Iris dampers, access doors, air valves, and swirl diffusers. Our booth has attracted many of our old friends as well as new visitors. Even some non-specialists stood still at our stand. Among all the displayed products, Aier’s iris dampers were the star products at the event. Our iris damper is an ideal regulator of air flow with a measuring device. These types of iris dampers are made of galvanized steel or 316L stainless steel with double [...]

Iris Damper Range
What is an Iris Damper?

IRIS Damper is an ideal air flow regulator and measuring device for the circular ducts. The diaphragm valve ensures a perfect accordance between the diameter indication on the handle and the opening of the valve. When in a fully open position, the iris damper provides a 100% free area with no control mechanism in the airstream, allowing easy and effective cleaning of the duct.


Advantages of an Iris Damper (compared to the other VOLUME CONTROL DAMPERS) 
  • Precise air flow measuring & regulating
  • Low sound level
  • 100% open to facilitate duct cleaning
  • Air Tightness class C
  • Full size ranges from dia. 80mm to 800mm.


Development History of Iris Damper at Ningbo Aier Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd

Ningbo Aier Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd is the FIRST and ONLY manufacturer in China that can produce the full-size ranges of iris dampers from dia. 80mm to 800mm. We have [...]

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