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A Story About the Casting Aluminum External Louvre

How Our Casting Aluminum External Louvre Achieved High Quality


Casting Aluminum External Louvre

Casting Aluminum External Louvre

How to compete with other suppliers on the market? Answer: differentiation!

Are low prices the most important advantages? Not really.

Differentiation allows us to provide our customers with a superior value at affordable prices, thus creating a win-win situation that can boost the overall profitability and viability of your business.

Take Our Casting Aluminum External Louvre as an example.



A Story About the Casting Aluminum External Louvre


Some time ago, a potential customer was inquiring about our casting aluminum external louvre. He has acquired several offers from other suppliers too, but in the end opted out for a lower priced solution with another supplier. The very same customer came back a few months later and told us that the supplier he had chosen before provided bad quality. Coincidentally, we have decided to do a little research of the market’s supply at that time. Testing and examining several casting aluminum external louvres made by our competitors, we have discovered that the quality of this particular product on the market can be significantly improved by introducing a few upgrades of our in-house tools.

Realizing that our main market niche lies more in the high end (and also middle end), we have decided to develop and upgrade our own in-house tools for producing a high quality casting aluminum external louvre. To be more exact, we tried to improve the finish quality by adding the powder coating to the manufacturing process. This has of course increased the production costs of our casting aluminum external louvre, but in return the quality has also significantly increased. The customer from the beginning of this story has decided to buy from us after testing our newly powder coated casting aluminum external louvre. Why? Differentiation! Our quality differentiation to be precise! Before deciding to buy from us, this customer has tested our products for months. He has installed a number of casting aluminum external louvres to the outside walls of his facility, exposing them directly to the external elements such as the wind, direct sunlight, high temperatures, etc. Despite being exposed to the outside elements for a long period of time, our products showed no signs of paint fading, corrosion, rusting. Quality speaks for itself! Since then, more and more customers are changing their suppliers and choosing our painted aluminum external louvre.


For your better understanding of our new version of aluminum louver, please see our PRODUCT OUTDOOR TEST RESULTS

For more details on this product, please visit our Casting Aluminum External Louvre product page



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